Dude Goes on Suspenseful Journey Ordering “Nothing Burger” from McDonalds

The invention of online fast food ordering has been a revelation for many people in this world. From the socially anxious to the perpetually hungover, those within a certain radius of a restaurant can get food delivered without even having to speak to a single human being. 

Those who have more trollish tendencies have long realized that this function is easy to exploit, and timeless classics such as None Pizza with Left Beef have made this into the stuff of meme legend. Even fifteen years later, there are still plenty of opportunities to do some wacky things when it comes to special delivery instructions.

This has recently been proven by @RobDenBleyker, who went on a quest to order a “Nothing Burger” from McDonald’s on DoorDash. It’s fair to say that whoever was working that day was pretty confused by the request, but hey: at least it had to be an easy order to make.