Dude Tapes Crazy Letter On His Neighbors Door After Getting Ghosted, Twitter Debates Who is The Bad Guy

The discourse around the ethics of ghosting has been floating around the internet for years, and it seems like everybody feels strongly about it. I am convinced that some people believe that ghosting is a war crime. I am pro-ghosting in certain circumstances, and I’m no stranger to ghosting people after a first date, especially when nobody mentions wanting a second date during the initial date. My villain origin story for why I don’t hate ghosting is one for the books. I went on a date when I was 19 and had a great time! Afterward, the girl I went out with sent me a long paragraph detailing why she didn’t want to go on another date with me. That experience turned me off from telling people why I didn’t want to go out with them again. Usually, when I decline a second date, I make up a reason so I won’t hurt their feelings. I know this dating strategy might be a tad unethical, but it’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. 

This week, a guy went viral on Twitter for posting a letter that his neighbor taped on his wall. They had gone on one date together, and the neighbor was worried that he wasn’t interested anymore because he wasn’t answering his texts. Twitter had a field day with this, with a solid 50/50 split on whether they thought the tweeter or the neighbor was in the right.