Dumb & Awkward Things That Aged Terribly

Most of us aren’t fortune tellers. One thing we have to come to accept over time is that we won’t always have the right answer to everything, and a decision that seemed like a good idea back then may well come back to haunt us with the cringe in the here and now. 

It’s human nature to dole out some dodgy advice every so often, but these things operate on a sliding scale. Agreeing that your friend should send that risky text to their terrible ex is not on the same level as claiming that nobody should wear a seatbelt. 

There are countless examples of things out there that were awful ideas in hindsight. Mistakes, we’re truly full of ’em! However, some of these examples fall on the more unbelievable side. It’s amazing the things that we will believe if we say them with enough authority. It kind of makes you think.