Dutch Woman Smashes a World Record Unbroken For 41 Years–While Her Home Audience Cheers

​Femke Bol breaking the record – retrieved from Twitter

A 41-year-old world record in women’s track and field stands no longer after a young Dutch speed demon smashed it in front of her home crowd.

Femke Bol took off at the starting pistol at the Dutch Indoor Championships in Apeldoorn, and completed a 400-meter sprint in 49.26 seconds, beating Jarmila Kratochvílová’s world record of 49.59 seconds set in 1982.

“It was because of all the fans here that I ran this record,” said the 22-year-old Olympic bronze medalist.

“Never have I ever seen that many people here. When I crossed the line, I knew that the record was mine because of the noise that the crowd made.”

Kratochvílová’s record was the longest-standing record in track and the second oldest in track and field.

Bol also set a world record for the best indoor 500-meter of 1:05.63 in Boston in her first race of this season. During the last Summer Olympics, she collected a bronze medal in the 400-meter hurdles.

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