Conquer Overthinking And Make Lasting Changes

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With this free and live workshop, discover and practice the 4-step action model, backed by behavioral science, to make efficient and confident decisions without losing your sleep (or your mind).

In This Workshop, You Will Learn

What are the forces turning deep thinking into addiction and why it’s essential we don’t overdose it?

For instance, as we overthink, rumination comes along. But did you know that post-event rumination increases anxiety and negative emotions over time(*) ? Find out what science discovered about the true cost of overthinking and how controlling it improves our well-being.

Why the “to-do lists” and the “what-if” scenarios are a waste of time?

Avoid the harmful mindset trap that makes these well-known tools inefficient and uncover how a small cognitive tweak can make your productivity skyrocket.

How to free your mind from going down the rabbit hole?

When your thoughts are spiraling, rising your stress level, don’t fight fire with fire. No firefighter saved a house by becoming an arsonist. Learn how to get the most of your reflections, without them snowballing out of control.

How a 2-step mindset shift can transform your decision process?

Gift yourself a transformative skill: decisiveness. Leverage this mental technique to improve the quality and timing of your choices.


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