Wehave compiled for you in this course, Top tips and techniques to improve your communication skills so you can get exactlywhat you want. Scientifically formulated course to give you the best format for learning. Engineered according to cognitive learning techniques to be 30minutes in length and broken into short 5-10min lectures that allow the brain to absorb more of the information. This is a practical and smart guide to communication, speaking well and conversation. It gives you clarity amongst all the fluff around communicating better so, that you can learn effective communications. The principal that will make your speech more impactful, inspiring and convincing. Starting a conversation can often be the hardest especially, when it’s with a stranger or in a room full of people, learn to start and keep the conversation flowing. Non verbal and the importance of this in your communication repertoire, with some practical techniques on how to make your non verbal communication stronger NOW. Be more persuasive with your words, Because not everyone will agree with what you say or want to do initially, they need convincing and with our course, you will learn how best to do it. The Science and Art of Communications and how some people can seem morecharismatic, interesting and morememorable to speak with.