Elon Musk Accuses Former Twitter Employee of Faking Disability

Elon Musk doesn’t have an excellent reputation for treating employees well. He’s been laying off entire teams at Twitter for months, and the website is suffering for it. Just yesterday, most of the images on the app weren’t loading! Even Elon Musk’s most loyal devotees are not being treated well. Do you remember the employee that bragged about sleeping at the office when he first took over? Well, even she has been fired! Go figure! 

This week, one employee resorted to tweeting at Musk to figure out whether he had been fired or not. His work computer was shut off, and he got no communication about whether he was still an employee. The head of HR was unable to answer this, too, so he had to take it straight to the top. Elon Musk subsequentially disclosed his disability, implied that he was faking said disability, and explicitly stated that’s why he was fired. Even though he didn’t get his job back, the former Twitter employee owned Elon with a thread that clapped back hard.