Employee Gives Two Weeks Notice, Hotshot Manager Tries To Fire Employee and Gets Demoted

Power can certainly get to some people’s heads more than others. It sounds like this new hotshot manager was inconsolably blinded by the newfound power that they found themselves in possession of due to their new position. Well, let’s just say that after the employee they kept trying to fire had had enough, they got their rightful comeuppance. It would have been great to see the look on the hotshot manager’s face when they realized they’d managed to get themselves demoted. 

This story was originally posted on Reddit’s r/IDontWorkHereLady subreddit by Redditor u/Thischick1, who shared their experience with the growing Reddit sub. Redditors voiced their appreciation for the original poster’s actions and condemned the actions of the manager.

“You saved a number of people at some other restaurant from having to deal with her. Well done!” – u/freakinuk

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