Employee Gives Up Lunch Break to Help Out, Boss Tells Them They Can’t Eat While Working

Typically, you might expect a little thanks or reciprocation when you do a favor for someone. It’s polite, proper, and — most importantly — a sign of mutual respect. If the person you’re doing the favor for refuses to acknowledge these things… Well, you should probably stop doing them favors.

This employee consistently went out of their way to do errands for their boss during their lunch break. They never minded or thought anything of it; they were just happy to help out. That was until their boss reprimanded them for eating off of their lunch break, telling them, “The lunch hour is for you to get lunch AND eat it, if you cannot finish your food on time don’t eat it during work hours, also please refrain from eating in the work are.” They had just finished helping the boss for their entire lunch break when this happened. All bets were off, and they decided to listen to their boss’s command to the letter.