Employee Immediately Gives Her Favorite Shoes to Man Walking With Boxes on his Feet

​– WCCO CBS Youtube.

The manager of a Minnesota liquor store was surprised to come back from lunch yesterday to find his counterhelp walking around in her socks.

That’s because security camera footage revealed she had just given her favorite shoes—a pair of purple retro Jordans, to a homeless man she saw strapping boxes to his feet.

Brooklyn Center Liquor employee Ta Leia Thomas, known locally as “Ace” said the split-second act of kindness “was an easy decision.”

“He said nobody would ever give me shoes like that,” Thomas told CBS. “And I said, well, I’m not everybody.”

“I was always taught to help others. You never know what their problem is, or what they are going through.”

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Manager Tom Agnes said that even before the generous act, he wished he had 12 Aces on his team, such is her work ethic and joyful connection with customers. Agnes bought her a fresh pair of kicks before her shift was over, after which he shared the security camera footage on social media.

Thomas has been overwhelmed by the comments of love and appreciation, which quickly grew all the more intense after Agnes and a few friends in the industry came together to raise $450 for Thomas to buy another pair of purple Jordans—the color of her favorite Minnesota team, the Vikings.

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As it turns out, through becoming a little bit more attentive to Ace’s life, Agnes learned that she is the sole caretaker of her mother, who sleeps in Ace’s bed while Ace sleeps on the floor. In the end he just gave her the cash rather than the shoes to buy a second bed.

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