Engineering Memes For Current & Future Engineers

I’ve got something important to tell you all: I am not an engineer, and I never will be. For those of you who are disappointed, I’m so sorry. My college major prepared me for writing paragraphs that precede lists of memes. I don’t know what to tell you. If you’re an engineer who thought that the people in the industry actually forge career-centric memes lists like these, I can’t help but question your critical thinking skills—very liberal arts of me, I know.

I might not be an engineer, but I do have a kid sister who is majoring in Civil Engineering in college, and through her, I know that the process of becoming an engineer is absolutely coconuts. The amount of work you must do each semester to graduate in 4 years baffles me. The number of weed-out classes that try to discourage students from continuing their STEM degrees baffles me. Whether you’re a freshman engineering major terrified for what is to come or you’re an old pro in the field, the following engineering memes are sure to bring you a momentary feeling of joy.