Entitled Karen Stands In McDonald’s Drive Thru To Save Space For Husband’s Pickup Truck

For something that is supposed to make things more convenient, the drive thru can be an incredibly stressful experience. It’s a place of holdups, arguments, and mixed messages through an intercom that’s likely seen better days. 

The one upside is that these things happen through the comfort of your own vehicle; however, it would seem that there are some customers out there that even do away with that courtesy, as one viral video has shown. In it, a woman can be seen filming from her car at the McDonald’s drive thru, showing another woman standing in between some of the cars in front. Apparently, she felt like her own two feet were an adequate stand-in for a multiple ton vehicle, as it was explained that she was holding up the line to leave a space for her husband’s pickup truck.

The driver in the video was gobsmacked by the level of entitlement, and most viewers followed suit. How hard could it be to walk into the restaurant to make an order instead?