Entitled Karen Wants A Salad, Orders a Not Salad, Tantrum Ensues

This entitled Karen
insisted on ordering a salad. However, the salad she was ordering was, in fact, not a salad. Despite the waiter’s attempts to explain this to her, she refused to listen and then proceeded to have a meltdown once her “salad” arrived.

This thread was posted to Reddit’s r/entitledpeople subreddit by u/nightamethyst, who posted their story to the small-ish sub with the title “Maybe if a waiter says it’s not a salad, it isn’t?”

Readers reacted in the comments.

“I hate these kinds of people,” said FurryDrift. “The napkin in the water was an insult. Cuz no sane person does that.”

“I was a hostess at Red Lobster when I was in high school,” shared 420saralou. “We would occasionally help out the servers and bus tables and clean the area for the next guest. No problem. Until you get to that table with kids… Food everywhere, water spilled everywhere, like are wolves raising these tiny adults? I make a point to stack my dishes at the end of the table, all nice and neat, the table is wiped clean, ready to go for the busser. I have also taught my kids this rule. This mama didn’t raise no a-holes! Everyone should be required in life to work [in] retail, customer service, or [the] food industry. There would be [fewer] entitled people in this world! Rule #1: THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT.”