Entitled Parent Throws Tantrum When Sister-In-Law Won’t Let Niece Be Flower Girl in Wedding

Babies are cute and all, but sometimes it feels like new parents literally believe the world revolves around them. A message to all parents out there: you’re not that special, and sorry to break it to you, but your kid isn’t the divine spawn of God. Just chill. 

In a recent r/amitheasshole post, u/miraclebabyniece explains that when her brother and sister-in-law finally had a baby after years of struggling to conceive, it was big news in the family. But you can only milk the “miracle baby” thing for so long. When OP was planning her wedding two years later, her SIL still expected her miracle baby to be the center of attention and was offended when OP decided to give the flower girl role to her future stepdaughter rather than her niece. Keep scrolling for the whole story.