FINALLY LEARN about all the UNBELIEVABLE benefits of ESSENTIAL OILS in the female menopausal body and the studies that support those benefits you’ll never wonder about essential oils and menopause again! Essential oils and health – a super hot topic lately. Essential oils and Menopause? Maybe – but can they help? But Essential oils and Western Medicine? Now that’s controversial. But what happens when you combine the technical skills of a western medicine researcher & author with essential oil research & product development? You get me, Dr Dan Purser – an MD who’s done endocrinology (hormone) research, written a ton of books on the subject (seven #1 titles), done years of essential oil research plus essential oil/hormone product development, and is a master worldwide educator on essential oils and medicine (endocrinology). In this little course he delves into the medical issues associated with menopause, what the lack of hormones will do to you (in some incredible detailed exclusive reports), the history of some key oils that can apparently alleviate menopause symptoms, and some of the benefits you might expect from their use. Take this to learn more about menopause and some of the magic of essential oils. You’re a woman and you’ve lost your libido and have hot flashes and night sweats. You feel tired and weak and depressed and you’re always achy, especially in your muscles – which seem to be wasting away. Ugh. Your doctor’s told you it’s menopause but you don’t want his synthetic prescriptions you want to know more! You have to know more. Take a walk in the world of nature and medicine with Dr Dan Purser, an MD who’s been involved in years of endocrine (hormone) research, written a textbook on preventive medicine and tons of other books (NINE #1 books on AMAZON), and is a worldwide educator on men’s & women’s health issues. Learn what the research says through the eyes of this engaging educator as he shares experiences and articles about women, menopause, the history of essential oils, and the modern researched benefits. Wonder no more if these work or help – this is detailed and backed by references – and will help you to decide if essential oils should be part of your life and why. Women LOVE IT when they use essential oils the way they feel, their fragrance/aroma, and the natural benefits they offer. I know this first hand after years as a practicing physician and as an endocrinology researcher and properly dealing with women who were hormonally deficient dealing with them before and after they came in for menopause, and seeing the smiles on their faces when they too really realized the amazing benefits of essential oils I’ve looked at well over 2,000 lab panels on women who use essential oils, and have documented the benefits. The challenge is that there’s all kinds of confusing bad information out there well this little course cuts through all of that as I discuss each study (studies that I chose as a reason and felt that were significant) and what it means to YOU. And I don’t talk like a physician above your head with big fancy medical words I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma and I talk like a regular human being. Most physicians don’t know these details but they’re not secret they just come with the territory for the kind of research I do and books I write I’ve had NINE #1 BOOKS on preventive medicine and hormones so I speak from vast experience and knowledge. But I’ve also listened to you women as you’ve asked for more natural options (begged in many cases) and let me know your regular doctors would not listen. This disconnect with you the patient by other physicians and their inability to answer questions patients really have is why so many doctors are missing out on unlocking the wonders of this incredible natural treatment option. This course was created to change that attitude and in the past has only been available amongst a private, group of elite professionals and high end cash paying patients until now. This isn’t one of those training programs that gives you some basic theory and sends you out into the trenches only slightly better off then when you started. By the end of this training you will be armed with hardcore facts about essential oil benefits for women, and why they work, and some proven tactics for optimizing your levels. Need to discuss essential oil benefits with your personal physician and don’t know where to start? – you’re coveredYour doc doesn’t know which essential oil he/she should suggest? – you’re coveredYour personal physician is not sure these are safe or not? – you’re coveredYour doctor says these oils are bogus and won’t work? – boom, you’ll learn how to disarm that too. This training covers the current and modern peer reviewed research on essential oil benefits for women and the safety issues (which are minimal). This premium training by a top notch educator is perfect and for years has delivered results for: Women who have menopause symptoms and want them gonePatients with osteoporosis and want essential oils that can support their hormon