Examples of Cringeworthy Things to Cringe At

We can try to ignore it all we like, but to be human is to cringe. While we might all be driven by simple, biological impulses deep down, it’s that cursed level of self-awareness that allows us all to be as we are. 

However, we’re constantly learning the hard way that we all operate on different levels with this. Some of us really don’t know what level of embarrassment we’re causing ourselves until it’s too late, and some of us don’t really care. The rest of us still react with horror, though. 

We may have all been cringe at some point, and will some day be cringe again. Still, that’s no excuse for some of the behavior in this list. It’s things like this that make us feel like we should all know less about each other, or at least think before we do things. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon, though.