Excess Memes Sluiced Off Different Corners of the Internet

One fun, distinctly 21st century way of making ourselves feel small is to spare a thought for how many memes are out there existing on the internet. Ever since they’ve been a thing, dedicated meme sharers and sh*tposters have been pumping out this low effort content with a lot of dedication. That makes for a heck of a lot of online debris, and even the most screen-addicted among us have probably only seen the tiniest fraction. 

At this point, most of us have no hope at seeing every single meme ever created. Even just trying to consume a solid proportion of them is unlikely. All we can do is toddle along and enjoy what comes our way, which is more than enough. A list like this is here to help in that task, and hopefully it feels like something enjoyable. We’ve got to take what we can get in every sense.