Family Rescued After Lucky Tesla Survives Plunge Over Cliff in California

The state of California remains 4 citizens richer after an incredible stroke of luck saw four people including two children rescued after the Tesla they were traveling in plunged 250 feet off a cliff on the coast.

Witnesses called 911 after the vehicle went over the cliff on State Route 1, at Devil’s Slide, between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, California shortly after 11AM, on Monday.

Despite rescue officials describing the car as flipping over several times before landing on its wheels, all four people not only survived the impact but are in stable condition.

The California Highway Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and multiple fire agencies responded to the scene, where the first responders then spotted movement in the front seat and called helicopters in to rescue the survivors.

Firefighters rappelled down to the crash site and hoisted the two children, believed to be a four-year-old girl and nine-year-old boy, into the helicopter.

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“We were actually very shocked when we found survivable victims in the vehicle,” said CA Fire and Rescue commander Brian Pottenger. “So that actually was a hopeful moment for us.”

The adults were then flown to Stanford Medical Center, while the children were transported by ambulance.

All four were in stable condition after arriving, according to fire officials.

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