Welcome to our Finance 101 course! Most people don’t realize how basic finance calculations play a major role in their life:- the ability to compare two investments- the understanding of how the timing of cash flows impacts their value- the preparation necessary to negotiate an advantageous mortgage or loan rateAt the end of the day all of these decisions shape the amount of money you will find in your bank account. And because money accumulates over time, potential inefficiencies have an even higer weight in the future. On the other hand, educated financial decision making goes a long way and could easily play a major role determining your net worth in the years to come. In this course, we will start from the very basics. The lessons are suitable for those of you who have not studied finance in university or during an MBA course. We’ll cover the following fundamental topics: cash flow calculationsthe time value of moneythe components forming interest rateshow to compare between investmentswhat is an annuityhow interest compounds over multiple periodswhat is the difference between monthly and annual interest ratehow to calculate IRR, NPV, and many moreThe course contains plenty of useful resources such as course notes, quizz questions, practical exercises, and a vibrant Q & Asection where you can contact the course tutor and ask questions. Sign up for the course today and make sure you are in control of your financial future!