Enables professionals, especially from functional areas other than finance such as sales, marketing, human resource, research and development, production, procurement, to gain an extensive working knowledge of critical financial principles in an easy-to-follow manner, enabling them to make critical business decisions involving cost-savings, budgets, new projects decisions, growth strategies and so onIn this 6 hour course on Finance for NonFinance, we endeavor to introduce you to the key concepts of finance so you can contribute to the success of your business. It will help us understand the language used by accountants and how financial statements fit together. Further we will understand how to user ratio analysis for getting a sense on the companys performance. In addition, we introduce you to the concepts of management accounting and decisions such as make-or-buy, shut-down etc. You will gain understanding into how to implement Budgeting and Working Capital Management. The exciting part is also the lesson on Investment Appraisal where you will learn how to evaluate business proposals from a return standpoint. Contents1) Understanding Financial Accounting2) Understanding Financial Statements3) Journal and Ledger4) Preparing Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet from Trial Balance5) Illustration- Cash Flow Statement -16) Illustration- Cash Flow Statement -27) Analysing financials of Starbucks Corp8) Analysis of Financial Statement Common Size Statements Ratio Analysis9) Case Study Ratio Analysis10) Management Accounting11) Budgeting12) Case Study Break-even Analysis13) Investment Appraisal NPV IRR Payback Period14) Pricing for Profit15) Working Capital Management