Cool DIY coming your way! Welcome to my step-by-step DIY flower letter. This DIY can be used for different occasions and purpose. It can be used as room dcor, office space dcor, gift for your loved ones. You want a quick non-permanent way to uplift the vibe of a room, give the floral letter a try! In this course you will learn how to create your custom flower letter step by step. You will see the process in Real Time and create one of a kind, unique art dcor piece.I’ll take all the scariness away from this DIY and you’ll be able to create in no time! This is a Beginner to Intermediate course for those of you who want to have fun, be creative, and try something new. Dive in! This course will cover: Materials needed. Best practice for getting a pleasing flower arrangement. How to work on a budget and not sacrifice quality. Register now and get started on making this beautiful flower letter today! See you there! Disclaimer: As an artist I show you how to create my own work, your results and products used may be different. I am not affiliated with any manufacturers or suppliers I may mention. Safety Note When using paints and chemicals, please adhere to all manufacturer safety guidelines with these products.