This specialization is intended for anyone seeking to improve their health, protect our planet and build a stronger, more positive relationship with food. The courses aim to improve knowledge about the relationships between our health, our food, how our food is made, and our environment, while inspiring us to make decisions that will protect our health and the health of the environment. After completing the specialization a learner with no previous food, nutrition, sustainable, mindful eating, or cooking skills will be able to 1. evaluate contemporary food choices for their impact on both human health and planetary sustainability, 2. achieve stepwise personal behavior change towards healthier, more sustainable eating, 3. prepare healthy, delicious meals using simple techniques and readily available ingredients, and 4. incorporate into their lives, the practice of food mindfulness, dietary moderation, varied meal composition and self-compassion with regard to their eating behaviors and food choices. Together, these skills and competencies will facilitate a lifelong, positive and health-promoting relationship with food for each individual learner and for their loved ones. Special thanks to: Lucas Oliver Oswald, Desiree Labeaud, Christopher Gardner, William Bottini, Sejal Parekh, Arielle Wenokur, Janine Van Schoor, Ann Doerr, Bonnie Maldonado, Perry Pickert and the fantastic team at Friday Films.