This course is essential for the Woman who is seeking an Epic workout from anywhere, anytime and no equipment needed. If your looking to improve your understanding on how to exercise efficiently while looking and feeling your best; this course is for you! The program will provide you the necessary skills and knowledge to improve your form and posture while exercising. Broken down in a simple way, this course guides you through a dynamic series of exercises positioned in sequential order. One thing is certain, the knowledge aka “Body IQ” that you will take away from this program will give you the confidence to move well in exercise and in life. The exercise lectures are all in sequential order with a select number of micro lectures which reinforce the key takeaways of my program. In addition, I have also added a 6 week workout program for you to follow. My ultimate goal is to provide a program you value and allows you to personally foster a sustainable state of well-being. KEEP IT POSITIVE. KEEP IT PRODUCTIVE. LIVE WELL- Asher