Former Corporate Accountant Shares Horror Story of Working for Big 4 Company

Between the hours, vacation time, and the lack of things like parental leave, it’s obvious that much of the USA is overworked. There are plenty of us out there who feel like we get a bad deal when it comes to being able to take a break. 

Still, there is always someone out there who manages to have it worse, and it’s bleak to think about just how bad things can get when you’re under the thumb of some industries. Somebody who knows this all too well is @devinraimo, who was traumatized from her experience of a high flying corporate job straight out of college. 

Sharing to TikTok the crazy sacrifices she was expected to make in her work for the company, viewers were horrified by her story. Sadly, many could identify with it, too. While there are some situations where it’s important for us to make up a couple of extra hours, this is complete insanity.