Former Disney Park Actors Share Crazy & Creepy Stories From Being on the Job

There are many reasons to make fun of Disney adults, or people that enjoy Disney. I recognize this as someone who genuinely enjoys visiting both Disney World and Disney Land. It may seem masochistic to most of my peers, but I love the rides, being in the sun, goofing off and not worrying about whether or not it’s weird. Plus, Disney Land is home to a pretty badass tiki bar. Besides the odd Karen or belligerent Kyle, my times at the Disney Parks have been pretty damn chill, to the point that I never even think about the bonkers behaviors that many Disney employees suffer through – especially the ones who have to dress up as characters.

Thanks to Redditor u/nvoltage17, I now know the truth: working as a Disney character (or as a character at any amusement/theme park) is not fun. In fact, in many ways, it seems to rival being a server or bartender if we’re talkin’ dealing with creepy behavior. It seems that while the actors cope with the heat and annoying children, there are also worse problems. Like groping. 

From the stories shared by Redditors, I now know that I’ll definitely never let my kids become actors at one of these parks, and that the current actors deserve tips. And pepper spray. Lots and lots of pepper spray. You never know when a creepy Dad will strike.