Fox Memes For Foxy Grandpas

Foxes are one of those animals you wouldn’t mind finding in your backyard. A coyote or a wolf might pose a danger to your pets, but a fox? Those guys are so darn cute to harm anyone. Are they a weird variation of a dog? Are they a currently unknown species of cats? Who knows! We love foxes just as they are. 

There are so many amazing fox movies for kids, like Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox or the underrated Disney classic The Fox and The Hound. I have not seen either of those movies, but you bet your button I have seen the Robin Hood movie starring a fox version of the titular character. Making Robin Hood a fox increased my desire to watch a movie about merry men tenfold. Every single British literary character’s film adaptation would be improved with the introduction of foxes into it, and that is a fact.