Fresh and Funny Tweets That Made It Past the Drafts Folder (March 4, 2023)

Congratulations on making it to the weekend, comrades. If you’re on the hunt for some quick and easily consumable content, you’re not alone. And we have to suggest taking a scroll through the witticisms people have posted on the bird app. Twitter, for all its downsides, often behaves like a hyper-productive joke factory – one that would probably benefit from its users taking some time off to, say, touch grass. Though it’s undeniable that some of the site’s most prolific users spit out some annoying content, it’s generally possible to find some controversial takes, funny jokes, and even some wholesome goodness on the flawed app.

 There are over 206 million people using Twitter on the daily, so it’s only natural that the constant flow of content might feel daunting. That’s why we round up some of the freshest, funniest, and straight-up weirdest tweets for your pleasure. This variety of Twitter gems touches on current events, offers some top-notch self-deprecating humor, and even delves into the cringe zone. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, keep scrolling.