Fresh Tweets From People Who Are Pretty Good at Tweeting (December 17, 2022)

We believe that wasting time should be a simple endeavor.  The sad truth is that time passes by all too quickly. Even though humans today have a zillion different technologies, apps, and streaming services to help us procrastinate and while away the hours, there are still road blocks that keep us from making the most of our free time. While sometimes the roadblocks come in the form of a crappy internet connection or a dead phone, more often than not we’re simply blessed with the kinds content that we either hate or simply couldn’t care less about. Twitter is one of our favorite ways to scroll ourselves into oblivion, but, as we’ve discussed at length in the past, it still means having to scroll past a ton of horrible takes, stupid sentiments, and, worst of all, the embarrassing political diatribes. To prevent you from falling to the same unpleasant fate, we’ve collected another big batch of fresh tweets without all the dumb stuff. It’s the least we can do for our internet friends.