Fresh Tweets From the Extremely Online People of Twitter (March 13, 2023)

Not all of us have enough brain cells to be tweeting in perpetuity, but there are plenty of people who either do or think they do. In this here gallery you will find a diverse collection of fresh tweets that range from nonsensical and humorous one-liners to slightly more profound slice-of-life anecdotes. Some of the tweets may make you laugh out loud, while others may leave you thinking “Why would anyone say this publicly?” But that’s the beauty of Twitter – it’s a platform for all types of expression, both good and bad. And while it may seem like it’s mostly on the negative side of the spectrum, we know where to find the good stuff. And we’re here to share it with you.

So take your time and enjoy the diverse range of tweets we’re highlighting in this collection. Whether you’re here to be entertained, inspired, or simply kill some time, we hope that this convenient bit of content will do you good.