Fresh Tweets We Harvested From the Bird App (September 22, 2022)

Having fun on the internet may seem easy to most people, but it’s really more complicated than one might thing. Boredom has a funny way of diminishing the creativity that helps one find something interesting to research, or perhaps a fun game to play. Then there’s the fact that the internet is so inconsistent when it comes to humor and general entertainment. Take Twitter, for instance. The “bird app” was created with the intention that people would share short messages with groups of friends or networks – kinda like a group text. The site has deviated pretty far from its original purpose, and while people are still sending short messages (they’re up to 240 from 140), it’s become a mecca for advertisers, gimmick accounts, political rants, and a whole lot of cringe. 

While Twitter may seem like a minefield to somebody who is just trying to enjoy themselves, we’re pleased to report that if you spend some time following actually funny people and muting the annoying ones, the site is not half bad. But if that seems like too much effort, you can count on us to bring you the fresh and funny business without the pain.