Fresh Tweets We Stole Over the Holidays (December 27, 2022)

Greetings, internet friends. Hope the bizarre limbo between Christmas and New Year’s Day is treating you well. For many of us, it feels like a blur. A calorie-laden, lazy, and hopefully comfortable blur. While it’s a blur for me, too, it’s like one percent as chaotic as the actual holidays we were celebrating a few days ago. 

My parents’ home was filled with dogs – large dogs, barking dogs, and one of them was a puppy. Between the chaotic canines, and my family’s love of talking over one another, the only place I could find peace was in the bathroom, scrolling through Twitter. Between the warm seat, the pastoral, snowy view outside of the window, and the humor coming at me from funny tweets, it felt as close to heaven as one can get when visiting the parents. And now I get to share all the funny nuggets of Twitter gold with you.