Fresh Tweets We Straight-Up Stole From the Bird App (September 28, 2022)

Twitter is a wild place. As user @maplecocaine so brilliantly put it (way back in 2019), “Each day on twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it.” Today’s it? Well, that would have to be Ned Fulmer of The Try Guys. The site was going wild over some rumors that the “wife guy” has been cheating on his spouse, meaning he is not, in fact, a wife guy. 

As much as we love internet drama (hint: it’s a lot), we know that not everyone has the same taste for it. So we’ve rounded up the latest and greatest tweets that have absolutely nothing to do with infidelity, mediocre web series, or guys named Ned. We’re here to help you enjoy the funny people of the internet, and also to help you avoid the crap you don’t care about. 

You’re welcome.