Do you stay up at night wondering how tomanage it all-observations, standardized tests, classroom behaviors, parent expectations, reflecting onwhether you chose the right profession, or evenburnout? We examine these real-world fears and how you can master them. Why is this the very best time in history to be an educator? The answer is one word-technology. Technology has evened the playing field, like never before. Educators are now able to infuse technology rich lessons with a powerful concept known as Multiple Learning Styles. Multiple Learning Stylesis what I haveused for 10 years as an educator to meet my student’s learning needs and to exceed my school district’s expectations. In this course, Igive you an in-depth walkthrough of your student’sLearning Styles and how to implement them in your classroom today. These techniques will empower your teaching. As an educator it is important that we think big so that we can pass that energy and enthusiasm onto our students. It is when we Think Bigthat students gain the confidence to truly excel. This course is designed for new teachers who desire to gainan edge in their teaching careers. More importantly, this course is designed for teachers who love their students and want to ensure that the student’s educational needs are met.