Funniest Adam Levine Memes That Make You Think ‘Maybe It’s Not So Wild That He Wants to Name His New Baby After His Mistress’

Remember the days of “She Will Be Loved”? It’s 2004, you’re watching the music video on MTV after school and you’re snacking on pizza bagel bites. You have zero real responsibilities and your only fear is your mom catching you going into random chatrooms on AIM. Well, while you were enjoying being a young millennial, Adam Levine was creating the blueprint for dovche bag fake skater boys who pay thousands of dollars for the sh¡tt¡est tattoos on the flash sheet. You know the type, the sad boy who you think you can fix, but really he just severely needs therapy. He probably ends up cheating on you, but still messages you every once in a while saying how you were the one that got away. Yep, Adam Levine was definitely one of the pioneer sad boyz. So is it realllllyyyyyy all that surprising that he’s a cheater and tried to pull some bonkers sh¡t with the mistress that is trying to move on with her life? I mean, I think he’s only fully clothed in maybe one of these memes… It seems pretty on-brand to me.