Funniest Beyonce Memes for Baddies Who Worship Queen Bey and Would Totally Spend Their Life Savings to Fly to Dubai for Her Concert

Once again, Beyoncé has dazzled the masses by simply being herself. After four long years, the Queen Bee has taken the stage once again in an extravagant, multi-million dollar invite-only concert in Dubai this weekend. Performing for an elite crowd of lucky fans, most likely her fans with the deepest pockets, Beyoncé shockingly took the stage and attempted to have a “phone-free” show but of course, her fans disobeyed. Now us regular folks (who weren’t  privy to see the show live) are left with shaky, grainy footage of what seemed like the most epic theatrical performance of all time. Although it was only an hour long, Beyoncé astonished us with fireworks, 1000 backup dancers, a special performance from Blue Ivy (her 11 year old daughter), and the most outrageous costume design, which left us all wanting more. Only the Queen can have this effect on us, making everyone dig into their Spotify archives and reboot some of her sassiest bops.