Funniest Cereal Memes For Breakfast Food Lovers

Cereal: was it the first food item to ever become yassified? Back when it first was developed in the 19th century, it was a boring health food made up of plain grains and not much else. Nowadays, a stroll down the cereal aisle is a one way ticket to overwhelming the senses, full of technicolor packaging and enough sugar and additives to trigger diabetes five times over. Whether served up at breakfast or simply enjoyed as a snack, there are enough of cereal nowadays to satisfy even the fussiest eater. This also means that it has inspired a great variety of memes, all dedicated to the joys of this ridiculously varied food. It could bring back sweet childhood memories, or just be a straight up depression meal. That’s what we call versatility, and the memes about it reflect that. These are best accompanied by a bowl of your preferred brand.