Funniest Driving Memes for Baddies Who Drive Bad

You’re no stranger to awkward laughing, your friends do it every time you’re the one behind the wheel. Why? Because you just ran three stop signs, smacked a parked car’s side mirror, and then hit the breaks hard right as you approached a busy intersection with a red light. To you, that’s some efficient driving. To your friends, their life just flashed before their eyes. So what?? You keep them on their toes! You know what you’re doing. You know how to drive just right so you get close enough to death that you can boop their snoot but then carry on perfectly fine. It’s basically like you’re able to time jump when you’re driving. You need to get somewhere in 15 minutes that usually takes 30? Pfft, piece of cake! You need to parallel park in a spot your car has no business fitting in? Well, that’s what bumpers are for! But also… please drive carefully and enjoy these memes when you’re NOT driving. Thanks, baddies!