Funniest Emo Memes for Elder Millennials Who Still Have Side Bangs and a Bad Attitude

Tumblr called, they want their hairstyle back. If you ever hopped your own hair with a razor and used black Sharpie on the ends to make your tips black, then you might have been an emo kid. You always had a janky old pair of Converse to draw on and a collection of band tees from the thrift store that you cut to look like the $50 ones at Hot Topic. When you got your nose pierced, your parents had a heart attack but all of your equally emo friends made you new stretchy beaded bracelets that said “RAWR XD” on them to show that you were officially one of the group. You were probably even obsessed with snake bite piercings and had an eclectic collection of sad music on your iPod. Every Thanksgiving, your family kept insisting that it was just a phase. Well, jokes on them because now you’re 30, your ears are still gauged, you graduated to Doc Martens, and you’re more depressed than ever. Keep striving for mediocrity, nothing matters anyways.