Funniest Memes About Jesse Pinkman from ‘Breaking Bad’ That Celebrate His Crazy Fashion Sense

The testament of a good TV show is how memorable the characters are. By that measure, Breaking Bad is up there with some of the best series of all time. From masterclass antihero Walter White to skeevy (and spinoff worthy) lawyer Saul Goodman, pretty much everyone on the show is worthy of many, many memes. 

As Walter’s troubled business partner, sidekick, and rival, Jesse Pinkman is no exception. He made his mark as a fan favorite when the show was airing, and his impact still stands almost a decade after the final episode. While there is plenty to say about his character arc, the internet has recently been focused on his more superficial aspects — namely his wardrobe. Jesse curated some wild fits in his time, and a new meme has decided to make the most of it. Shout out to the costuming department for finding that many outrageous graphic logo tees for him to experience tragedies in.