Funniest Memes About Skyrocketing Egg Prices

If grocery stores are anything to go by, 2023 is off to a rocky start. The egg price crisis has come about due to a shortage caused by an avian flu outbreak, and it has caused the average carton of eggs to more than double in price. As a staple ingredient for households and restaurants across the land, it’s fair to say that people haven’t been happy about this. It used to be that the humble egg was a relatively affordable way to create all manner of delicious meals and baked goods. 

At the moment, though, some of us would be going bankrupt trying to cook an omelet. The situation is no fun, but the amusing topical memes that is has inspired are here to make up for it. Our grocery budgets may be suffering greatly, but our desire for entertainment about luxury sources of protein is as satisfied as ever.