Funniest Memes for Sleepy People Who Are Running Late Right Now Because They Love the Snooze Button

So, where my people at who woke up after hitting snooze at least five times wondering what year it was? There are two reactions after waking up in a new dimension and realizing you are running hella late now—1) your adrenaline starts pumping like crazy and you get ready like a human tornado. Or 2) you see you are now living in a new dimension, you accept that this dimension has made you late, and you think to yourself, “well, if I’m already late…” so you just let yourself be extra late, you probably still stop for coffee too. If you are like myself, you experience both of those sorts of reactions. Who knows which one you’re gonna get though?! Let’s just hit snooze, look at memes, and try to wake up back to reality. Was there ever a day when the snooze button wasn’t an option? I cannot imagine.