Funniest Memes for Trivia Nerds Who Toss Vital Information Away and Only Remember Random Facts

If you’re the kind of person who only retains random facts, this is for you. Socializing might be hard if you aren’t with like-minded people. Some people want to talk about what’s going on with your life or what’s going on in the friend group, but all you want to talk about is the fact that both the wine and cheese the party is currently enjoying pair well together because they are both the expired byproducts of other foods… Or that when fresh peppers are dried, they’re called by a different name. Or that both lemons and broccoli are actually man-made! So many random facts, you gotta share them or your head will explode! Well, today is national trivia day, baby, so let that information flow. No need to wait for your local bar’s trivia night. Start shouting out those random facts and enjoy a mix of more random facts along with funny relatable memes below.