Funniest Memes for Unbeautiful People Who Have Been Stuck in an Ugly Phase Their Whole Life

Some people are born beautiful and some people aren’t. Fortunately for the latter, there are very few beautiful people in this world to be compared to. Plus, in modern days, we have makeup tutorials, style guides, and men can just grow a sick beard and look totally awesome— for free! Nowadays, it’s not so bad to be one of the masses, one of the Uglies. Grab your false lashes and get some Spanx on, it’s time to face the world and show them your baddie self. 

For some people, being in the Uglies is just a phase. Like puppies, when their head size doesn’t quite fit their body size, they’re just stuck in that awkward phase of being disproportional. Welp, that’s just daily life for some. Disproportional body shapes, frizzy hair, big buck teeth, and maybe you even have a limp. If so, let us ugly folks band together, showing what it’s like to be supremely regular!