Funniest Memes in Retrograde That’ll Have You Laughing Through the Chaos Whether You Believe or Not

Have you recently been experience a lot of annoying things happening in your life? All of your things are malfunctioning or breaking? Maybe your stubbing your toe or hitting your funny bone by accident more often than usual? Have you been struggling to find the right words? Perhaps you’re all of a sudden going through a lot of changes in your life? It could just be a coincidence OR it could be that there are currently six planets in retrograde… Listen, I’m not trying to make a believer out of anybody, life is a sequence of randomness and that’s what makes it beautiful—we don’t need planets to explain that. BUT it’s pretty comforting to some to have an explanation like planets in retrograde for all the sh*t happening to you right now. I’m no professional astrologist or even hardy believer in this retrograde stuff, but it sure feels legit sometimes… Either way, these memes will have everybody laughing a good laugh and will help you through the crap the universe has thrown at you whether you just did it to yourself or you think it’s due to the retrogrades.