Funniest Memes of the Week For People Too Anxious to Answer a Phone Call

Anxiety comes in many forms. For most, it involves high intensity situations, being overwhelmed by decision making, and family gatherings of any kind. It’s crippling, it’s debilitating, and it’s oddly hilarious that our stupid brains just cease to function when they’re short circuited. Do better brain! Most people struggle with some sort of anxiety, unless you’re a robot of course, so it’s really just something we can all have a laugh about every now and then. Everybody gets it. 

Generally nervous individuals have a sort of charm to them anyways, so guess what, in the modern age, you’re now considered charming! That’s exciting. Aren’t we glad it’s not the 80’s anymore where everyone was doing drugs, you could buy a house with a minimum wage job, and anxiety just didn’t exist? What a time to be alive. But at least nowadays, you’re mildly charming and everything gets on your nerves. Terrific.