Funniest Nostalgic Memes for Those of Us Who, Lets Face It, Had Superior Childhoods

Oh nostalgia, it’s quite the funny feeling to experience. We can’t really decide if it’s a good or bad thing. Sometimes it’s nice, like when you bite into a cosmic brownie and you’re immediately taken back to the playground with all of your friends playing cops and robbers. But if you had some rather unfavorable parts of your childhood, nostalgia could be quite awkward and uncomfortable. But it also is a great way of bringing people together. When we’re young we don’t see that we have so much in common with our peers, but the older we get we realize a lot of our childhoods were exactly the same, and millennials got a stick together we are the only people that understand each other. So whether you like feeling nostalgic, or you just can’t help but click on every meme list that comes your way, we think you’ll enjoy this batch of nostalgia memes.