Funniest Parenting Memes That Have Blessed Our Feeds This Week

Isn’t it funny how vastly different our perspectives get as we grow older?
One second we’re screaming at our parents because how DARE they tell us what to do? 
No, for real though – in WHAT universe can we not have brownies for dinner, and WHY does mommy have to go to work (what even is that?!), and how come we can’t say all those funny words that daddy says when he gets a minor case of road rage when he drives us to kindergarten, and just generally – whajkadfjkadjafdalkt?!%#$@*!

Then you blink and suddenly you’re a lot taller, have a grown-up job, a mortgage and one (or more) whiny toddlers screaming in your own face.
Karma’s a bitch, you guys.
If you’re having a bad kid-day (Kind of like a bad hair day except much, much worse) then you’ll find this list of memes I’ve compiled relatable. 
Perhaps they will even provide some solace for your poor run over soul, much like a warm blanket with a cup of tea on a rainy day.