Funniest Relatable Memes For People Addicted to Shopping at Target

Have you ever walked into a Target with one or two items on your list of things to buy, maybe toothpaste and some new socks, and you walked out with a $457 receipt along with entirely new home decor, 15 candles, and a new swimsuit?


You are not alone. 


Millions of other people out there are also addicted to shopping at Target. There are probably support groups. Whatever it is about the red and white logo, the dollar section, the cool air conditioning, and moderately tasteful home decor is irresistible. The store is designed to lure you in with essentials and trick you into buying every single item you never knew you needed. 


Target tells you what you need, not the other way around. This store was designed to provide essential items, universally attractive artificial plats, gentle fall scents, nail polish, seasonal pet toys,  all the latest young adult novels, and divine inspiration