Funniest Sad Girl Autumn Memes for the First Day of Fall and the Beginning of Existential Crisis Season

Where my sad girls at?? Yeah, yeah, yeah, hot girl summer bla bla bla. NO. It is time for the goth girls, the emo chicks, the ladies who embrace their ennui to shine! The first day of fall not only harkens in a new season, but also a new ~vibe~. Those kinds of people who are like “you shouldn’t laugh at being sad,” I’m sorry, but you just don’t understand… Some people thrive inside their existential crisis. Not everybody wants to be sunshine and rainbows 24-7. The summer is known for being fun and full of activities, but sometimes the stress of constantly having to “enjoy the good weather” is exhausting. Give me the nights where it’s acceptable to use “it’s too cold out” as an excuse to stay home and do my hobbies. And, yes, I WILL be listening to my favorite sad girl music on repeat and making sure I get a good cry in. And I’ll probably write in my journal about all my insecurities. IT’S TIME TO THRIVE IN SAD GIRL AUTUMN, BABYYY! Anyways, if you get me, then you’ll enjoy these memes