Funniest Survivor Memes for People Who Have Watched Every Season of Island-Themed Madness

Since the year 2000, Survivor has been one of the most successful reality TV shows on CBS. This island-themed show features every kitschy trope you can imagine and has gotten more and more insane with each passing season. 


Now, as season 43 is on the brink of release, fan everywhere are syncing up their streaming services and hunkering down for their favorite tropical drama, full of idols, torches, thatch mats, and of course, dirty nudist drama. Why is it that every season there’s always someone who insists they don’t need clothes? Hmm, better check with the producers on that one. 


Whether you love it or you hate it, you’ve gotta respect the classic lines that have come out of this show. And if you love TV shows dripping with over-the-top drama, physical challenges, alliances, betrayal, and outdoor toilets, this show is for you. Let me go tally the votes… Yup, the tribe has spoken.